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Pruning trees can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars if your trees are taken care of correctly over their lifespan. The healthiest way to train trees which also has the largest impact is to prune them when they are young (up to 15 years old). One small cut on a co-dominate tree when the tree is 5 years old will eliminate the need to reduce, cable or remove half the tree 20 years down the road.
The young tree on the left should be pruned now by eliminating or reducing the co-dominant stem to prevent a disaster like the one on the right 20 years from now. Large limbs hanging over houses are also preventable when the trees are young, prohibiting costly removals down the road.
Another large aspect of our job is maintaining trees. This entails pruning, cabling, mulching, staking and more. We prune to promote proper structure and form, weight reduction, rubbing/crossing branches, deadwood, disease control, as well as providing clearance for houses, mowers, other trees, etc.
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